Mystery Packs? How do they work?

Whiffer Sniffers have 3 series 1 super cool limited edition Mystery Packs. Each Mystery Pack gives you the chance of receiving one of our limited edition, hard to find Whiffer Sniffer clips. Nobody knows for sure what's inside a Mystery Pack (not even us), but the odds of receiving the limited edition clip are pretty good (almost 50%).  Don't worry...even if you don't receive one of the limited edition clips, you will receive one of our 9 regular series 1 Whiffer Sniffer clips.  If you happen to receive one that you already have, you can trade it or give it to a friend!  Collect um' give um' trade um' much fun!

Each of the 3 Mystery Packs gives you the chance of receiving one of the 3 limited edition clips.    For example, Jimmy S'more is only available in Mystery Pack 1, Frenchy is only available in Mystery Pack 2, and Bubbles is only available in Mystery Pack 3.

Don't want to take your chances?  Each of the 3 limited edition series 1 characters is available for direct purchase as a Super Sniffer!  Super Sniffers are just like our clips...only bigger!  In fact, they are 6x bigger than our clips and have 4x the scent! 

Start collecting today! You can buy any of the mystery packs here and you can buy one of the huggable-sized Super Sniffers by clicking here!

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