Tangerina Ballerina Sticker Pack


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Tangerina Ballerina Sticker Pack

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Product Info:

The Tangerina Ballerina Sticker pack has a delicious tangerine scent! The sticker pack includes 4 sticker sheets each, each sticker sheet has 15 stickers, so that's 60 stickers per pack! This sticker pack includes a bonus custom Whiffer Sniffer craftable to cut out and craft!
Whiffer Sniffers are child safe, they conform to all applicable CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) safety standards.

Product Details:

Recommended for children 3 years and older.
Size: 9 x 4 in
Stickers are 1 inch wide


Tangerina Ballerina Cartoon Artwork

Tangerina Ballerina

This tiny dancer dreams of being a Prima Ballerina. Dancing since she was just a little sprout,Tangerina Ballerina knows that practice makes perfect. She is a hardworking, dedicated girl that is determined to make her dream come true. Hang with Tangerina Ballerina if you need a little inspiration to achieve a goal.

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